Who We Are

Who We Are

Africa school of diplomacy is founded on three key principles, credibility, perceptiveness and confidence building. The school was founded in 2016 for the sole purpose of building and improving the capacity of our existing diplomats and leaders in Africa. We believe that every individual working in a government office or in a leadership role should prioritize the advancement of the office that they represent. Our programs and courses are thus set to bring clarity, comprehensiveness, and circumspection to each of the participating members. The end result is a more astute leader, who can carry himself or herself with the highest standards expected of their office.

Mission and Vision

Our training mission

To transform and elevate brands through strategic activities targeted for success.

Our training vision:

To develop effective leaders and build sustainable cultures.

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Why Choose Us


Through our training, every individual will be able to develop professional presence and benefit from a boost in their confidence levels as they learn how to interact with other individuals in the county, national and the international level, in a manner that creates and maintains great personal and diplomatic impressions.

Expert Teachers

They will know how to handle themselves in awkward situations with grace and bring out their personal brand as they interact and network in different environments and occasions.

100+ Courses

All executives, decision makers, policy developers, students and practitioners of operational diplomacy will develop fundamental skills in networking, negotiating, protocol, etiquette, presentation, and public speaking. as we motivate them to be better diplomats and leaders.

Online And Offline

They will become brand ambassadors for the office they represent as they begin to understand that image, first impressions, decisiveness, understanding, and clarity carry a lot of weight in national and international relations.  The skills they will learn from this training will allow them to influence those around them to have a professional attitude and be leaders in their own respect.

Our Goal!

We would like to engage different groups of people across diplomatic, executive and non- governmental positions in training on diplomacy and leadership. We believe that shaping and transforming representatives of various offices, into strong leaders with strong brands, will foster impactful, noteworthy practices within the offices they represent. By the use of our hands-on, interactive and memorable approach to training, we aim to equip every trainee with the tools needed to create and retain great diplomatic relationships and at the same time maintain a brand of excellence and consistency by conducting themselves with proper protocol and etiquette. Further to this, individuals taking our courses will be able to apply the skills they learn in their policy and goal setting agendas, with a clear path charted towards transparency and set up for accountability.

We have outlined our packages which are easy to integrate and deliver.  We provide pragmatic, engaging and interactive training, packed with great material to allow participants to continue practicing and evaluating their progress post-training.  Our goal is to help build a knowledgeable, proactive leadership force across Africa, that will build confidence and bring positive change through activities and actions taken towards good governance.

Africa School of Diplomacy will work closely with each participant to ensure that the desired leadership, diplomacy, image and brand goals are met.

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Pre-assessment- each individual candidate will undergo a pre training assessment to determine the needs and competencies of the individual
Training- we carry out very hands on, practical and memorable training sessions utilizing face to face training, group breakouts and presentations. Post assessment and report- once the session is completed, we conduct a post training assessment to determine the effectiveness of the sessions and report on the impact of the same.

Our content covers current and compelling issues in the international space and seeks to focus on developmental goals across nations.cations.

Our Instructors